Anatoly Mihailovich Smyslov,

Professor, General Manager of scientific-technical programs


Our scientific interest is investigation of high and critical technologies for modification of various technique components surface with aim of considerably extend its life and enhance properties under high load.

We got more than 50 Russian Federation patents for our treatment methods and equipment designs.



Marina Konstantinovna Smyslova,

Deputy Director (Quality)



NPP UAST elaborates technology and improves operating properties of finished parts and objects through ion implantation and plasma vacuum treatment.

This method provide deposition of dense and high adhesive coating to the metal and nonmetal surface for enhancement of wear resistance, high temperature resistance and fatigue strength by changing its tribological, electrical and other physical properties.



Konstantin Sergeevich Selivanov,

Technical Director


The series of vacuum installations VICTORY has been elaborated for conducting of Complex Vacuum Ion Plasma Treatment of various components of technique like forging dies, valves, turbine blades,

e. t. c. for wide range of weight and dimensions. The design and dimensions of vacuum chambers allow conduct treatment of maximum number of jobs during one technological cycle. It reduces treatment cost for each job.

The main advantage of elaborated design is possibility to combine inside common vacuum space all necessary electrical and physical devices for conducting continues treatment through ion cleaning, ion modification in glow discharge, deposition of ion plasma coatings including mode of Ion Beam Assisted Deposition.

The equipment design makes possible to avoid process interruption for refitting, intermediate vacuuming cycles and parts changeover between operations.



Vasily Andreevich Gontyurev,

Chief of Production,


The installation VICTORY makes possible to treat articles of overall size up to 1400800 mm inside one common vacuum space.

The installment is equipped by several ion and plasma sources providing during one load conduct as separate as combined physical processes on treated articles:

  • Ion cleaning;
  • Ion implantation;
  • Deposition of various coatings on the base of metals, alloys its carbides and nitrates.

All vacuum installations of NPP UAST provide conducting of serial technological process of surface modification through combined impact of nitrogen ion implantation and vacuum plasma deposition of titanium nitride (TiN).

NPP UAST has complete set of all necessary quality control gauges, equipment for preliminary ultrasonic cleaning and electrolyte plasma polishing of treated articles.






Larisa Petrovna Petrova,



As per technologies of NPP UAST has been treated and supplied for exploitation more than 35000 steel and titanium blades, 8000 valve components for Thermal Power Plants and Nuclear Power Plants, more than 1500 compressor blades of gas pumping apparatus of OJSC Gazprom, more than 1000 forging dies and tools.

Contracting experience


           Hardening through Ion Implantation and deposition of wear resistant coatings for the steam turbine blades with length up to 1500 mm for Thermal Power Plants Alholma, Yuveskulya (Finland); Tyan Van (China); Busher (Iran); Kudam Kulam, Sipat (India); Rovensk Nuclear Power Plant (Ukrain); seven Thermal Power Station of Russia;

           Renewal overhaul of gas pumping apparatus as per contracts with OJSC Gazprom;

           Industrial treatment of valve components for OJSC BelZan;

           Elaboration of technology and manufacture of high size hollow blades as per contracts with OJSC Power Machines;

           Joint works with USATU, Ufa against contracts with JSC Russian Helicopters, JSC Klimov, OJSC NPO Saturn, OJSC Aviadvigatel;

           Contract works for deposition of hardening coatings to forging dies of OJSC Ufa Engine Industrial Assotiation.


Galina Vladimirovna Godovskaya

Chief Engineer of the Project


        Treatment of parts and articles for enhancement of operating properties on NPP UAST equipment;

        Modernization of existing equipment of the Customer;

        Elaboration, manufacture and turnkey delivery of the new equipment for above technologies as per as per Technical Request of the Customer.

NPP UAST has great scientific and technical experience in area of combined treatment through Ion Implantation followed by deposition of multilayer coatings by nitrates and carbides of refractory, multicomponent, heat resistive and ceramic materials.






Ufa Engine Industrial Association ,;

Power Machines OJSC,;

Russian elicopters, JSC,;

JSC "Klimov",;

NPO Saturn, OJSC,;

Aviadvigatel OJSC,;



OJSC Gazprom,




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